Top 5 Galapagos Tips


1. Stay longer!

Once you’ve made the investment of a flight to the Galapagos Islands (around $500) and paid the National Park entrance fee + migration control card ($120), you’re already talking a sizeable investment. To spread that investment over more days therefore makes sense.
In terms of environmental impact, it also makes sense to stay more days, since your plane’s jet fuel, the petrol of the transfer pick-up truck/van/bus, and your hotel’s sheets will all lessen their impact over more days.

2. Do your own thing

It’s a great idea to build in one day at leisure into your itinerary, so that you can explore at your own pace or include activities that you enjoy doing, such as hiking in the highlands, or biking, or even take a surf lesson.

3. Pick up some art

In Puerto Ayora, you’ll find a range of artisans and artists stores that are well worth investigating, so that you can take something truly unique home as a souvenir of your time in the islands. Support local art and artists!

4. Get on your bike

Galapagos Habitat Hotel is pleased to supply our guests with free bike rental. Just pick up a bike from the entrance and explore Puerto Ayora at your own pace. You can park up at the Charles Darwin Research Station, and also at the Municipal Dock if you’re crossing over to the Playa de los Alemanes or Las Grietas.

5. The sun is really strong!

Even if it’s a cloudy day, the sun right on the Equator is extremely strong. So always lather yourself in strong sunblock and ensure you have a wide-brimmed sun hat on at all times.

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