Top 10 Galapagos Species


  1. 1. Marine Iguana

    The species that, to many, is the most emblematic example of natural selection at work, Darwin called them “Imps of Darkness” and they snort salt! Marine Iguana
  2. 2. Giant Tortoises

    They survived the journey from the mainland on giant rafts of vegetation and then thrived on the volcanic islands. Giant Tortoises
  3. 3. Blue-footed Boobies

    Comical dancers with very funny-looking feet, these seabirds are nonetheless amazing divers and fishers. Blue-footed Boobies
  4. 4. Galapagos Sealions

    Encounters with these creatures are a Galapagos highlight moment for many people. With luck, you can enjoy some time snorkeling with them. Galapagos Sealions
  5. 5. Galapagos Penguins

    Tiny and endangered, this penguin species is harder to spot in the islands, but very rewarding when you do. Galapagos Penguins
  6. 6. Darwin’s Finches

    The bird species that, although originally mis-identified by Charles Darwin, later helped him to piece together and prove his theory of natural selection. Darwin’s Finches
  7. 7. Land Iguana

    Another survivor to have arrived on rafts of vegetation from the South American continent, land iguanas can be viewed on several islands. Land Iguana
  8. 8. Galapagos Hawk

    A fine Galapagos sight, the hawk can be spotted perched on high branches or poles on several islands. It is polyandrous, which means that many males mate with just one female. Galapagos Hawk
  9. 9. Flightless Cormorant

    A Galapagos wonder, this species has evolved over millennia to be better at fishing than flying and, as a result, can no longer fly at all. Flightless Cormorant
  10. 10. Waved Albatross

    A wonder of the sea skies, this species of albatross nests on Española Island and can be seen nearly year-round. Their mating dance is a true wonder. Waved Albatross

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