Galapagos Green Improvements

Ecologically Friendly Galapagos Hotel 

Galapagos Habitat Galapagos is proud to lead the Galapagos Green Initiative by example with the following improvements.

galapagos green improvements

Water Conservation & Recycling

Galapagos Habitat Galapagos Lodges is helping conserve and recycle water by:

  • Being the first hotel in Galapagos to have an onsite filtration system for drinking water so there is no reliance on imported bottled water.
  • Being one of the only hotels in Galapagos to utilize a black water treatment plant to recycle water
  • Adding new, environmentally friendly, low water, soap and electrical usage washers and dryers.

Reduced Ecological Footprint

Galapagos Habitat Galapagos Lodges is doing its part to conserve the environment around them by:

  • Replacing our backup generators with more efficient 50KVA automatic generators
  • Purchasing new Low Environmental Impact 4 Stroke motors on Solmar, our inter-island transport boat.

Galapagos Habitat Galapagos Lodges is not only committed to the environment but also to our clients and we are proud to announce the following additions:

  • 2 Additional rooms added to the Aventura Lodge
  • Expansion of our service facilities to provide better service.
  • Purchase of new Scuba Diving equipment and Safety equipment.

At Galapagos Habitat Galapagos Lodges we are committed to the environment, preserving the beauty of Galapagos and to our clients, financially and in our day to day actions.

Green Galapagos Habitat

We at Galapagos Habitat Galapagos, know how privileged we are to be global guardians of our share of one of the most unique and fragile ecosystems on earth.

In our first year, we implemented many ‘green’ changes to our Aventura Lodge and constructed our new lodge on Isabela with a sustainable philosophy from the ground up.

The Galapagos are not only unique, but one of the few destinations on earth where enlightened guests do not have to give up amenities or adventure in order to be in harmony with our responsible philosophies.

We are in perpetual motion to propel our entire operation into harmony with our surroundings.

The following are a few of our efforts:

  • Energy saving efforts include towel and sheet programs, voluntary carbon-offsetting contributions and many more.
  • Creating opportunities for local residents through employment, education (English and business classes, etc) and by sponsoring opportunities for local residents such as Naturalist Guide certification, etc.
  • We inform and encourage our visitors and employees to adhere to both the Park Rules and Galapagos Habitat conservation measures.
  • Drastic reduction of paper use by creating permanent laminated welcome letters, hotel information, park regulations and environmental education issues for guests; by turning our administrative offices into practically a paperless operation printing only when absolutely necessary and by using only glass storage for sugar, cloth napkins, etc in our restaurants.
  • Use only biodegradable/natural/recyclable products, including our cleaning products and biodegradable plastic bags.
  • Use of organic repellents, organic bulk shampoo and other products from the Ecuador Amazon.
  • Paper, not styrofoam, plates on excursions (paper plates are not common in Ecuador and too many still use readily available styrofoam).
  • Coastal cleaning sponsorship with Ecuadorian Maritime authorities. On a daily basis, our guides and employees always pick up all garbage, not only from our guests, but also any found in areas visited.
  • We protect animals on our premises.
  • Our land-based programs use less fuel on short trips than a constantly idling or motoring cruise would. We provide our guests with free bicycle usage at our Aventura Lodge, thus conserving fuel through reduced taxi usage in Puerto Ayora.
  • Constantly implementing new efforts towards our goal of a negative carbon footprint.

Paneles solares

While the Galapagos Islands use diesel fuel to generate electricity, we have converted our lodge on Santa Cruz Island solar energy.

At our Aventura Lodge we capture solar energy by means of a large set of solar panels. The panels face the bay in Puerto Ayora, on the roof of our dining room.

Energy conservation and green energy sources like solar panels are just part of the efforts we make to protect the fragile Galapagos environment.

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