Almar by Isla Grill Restaurant – Now Open

Almar Restaurant at Galapagos Habitat

Almar by Isla Grill is the perfect Galapagos Restaurant to visit during your stay at the Galapagos Habitat Ecoluxury Hotel.


New outdoor deck by Almar Restaurant

Watch the Galapagos sun rise and fall on the recently Renovated Deck and Restaurant of Almar.  Guests are now able to enjoy new tables, chairs, loungers and an inviting outdoor lounge concept.  Beyond this area we reserved the term “official sea lion resting area” as a result of the constant presence of sea lions looking for a place to relax with their marine iguana friends.

Meet Waltar – Almar’s experienced barman


Galapagos Habitat staff are always on hand with a warm smile.  The Bar and Lounge is the perfect place to watch Galapagos sunsets. As a matter of fact the barman can fulfill any request.  And most noteworthy is that this Galapagos Restaurant is also open to any visitors not staying at the Galapagos Habitat. There is a fully stocked bar including local and international beers, quality wines and liquors.


Furthermore, if guests prefer something lighter for during the day inbetween Island Hopping or exploring on Santa Cruz; coffee, tea, and water are always available in the Reception Area as shown below.

Galapagos Habitat Reception Area – always open with coffee, tea and water


Almar by Isla Grill – new seating and decor

Isla Grill Influence

Isla Grill and Almar specializes in a variety of fresh seafoods and meats cooked with an Argentinean and Galapagos-Ecuadorian flare.  Local Suppliers such as farmers, fishermen and local livestock are used as the primary providers.  This is a major factor in how Isla Grill operates.

Sustainability is an important aspect of managing any business, especially in the Galapagos Islands.  Over 80% of All Products are acquired on Santa Cruz, the same island where both Galapagos Habitat and Almar by Isla Grill are located. These local products include octopus, codfish, tuna, vegetables, fruits, chicken, coffee and more.

Only local and fresh products are used.

A Promise to Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are the World’s Largest Treasureand Isla Grill has the privilege to live within it.  Therefore, it makes it Isla Grill’s home, place of work and the source of their first found love of nature.  Everything nature offers, Isla Grill promises to give back by protecting the islands day in and day out.  Each menu will consist of local products that support local production.  The restaurants will also respect sustainable fishing and obligations to the Galapagos National Park.  These include respecting fishing date closures, lobster and prawn sizes, and other park regulations. In addition to these objectives, kitchen staff are periodically trained on the importance of recycling waste and avoiding negative effects on the island.


Almar by Isla Grill


Isla Grill is a restaurant venture created by Fernando Salazar and Florencia Galliazzo.  The restaurant’s culinary history in Galapagos began back in 2010.  The first Isla Grill restaurant was opened in Baltra Airport, which is called Isla Express.  Now, Isla Grill presents its newest adventure with Almar at the Galapagos Habitat Eco Luxury Hotel by Haugan Cruises.


Co-Partner of Isla Grill

Fernando Salazar Aldas: Co-Partner of Almar by Isla Grill

Fernando was born in the city of Ambato in 1987.  He moved to Galapagos at a very young age and has since been in love with the islands.  He finished high school in the Galapagos on the island of Santa Cruz.

After high school he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to complete his collegiate studies in Gastronomic Studies and International Cuisine. Little by little he gained more experience working in two different restaurants while studying.  With his accumulated studies he came back to Galapagos and began to work on two large tourism boats and later on in a recognized hotel in the area.  Eventually he even became a professor at the School of Gastronomy within the Galápagos National School.

In 2010 he began the Isla Grill project with Florencia Galliazzo.  They began with Isla Express at the Baltra Airport and continued with the newest project Almar at the Galapagos Habitat Hotel by Haugan Cruises.  His main vision with Isla Grill is to continue growing in order to generate more economy for the local people of Galapagos.  In turn, this will optimize a better service for the tourists who visit the Islands each year.

Head Chef at Almar by Isla Grill

Fabricio Hidalgo Pérez

Having grown up in Quito, Ecuador, Fabricio was close to his grandmother who was always cooking.  The different sights and aromas used in her recipes gave Fabricio the ingredients of a career in the art of cooking.

He decided to pursue a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.  While studying, he changed his focus to his passion; cooking.  He later obtained his degree in Food and Beverage Management.

While studying at the University, Fabricio worked his way through many large hotel chains as an intern.  This helped further increase his experience and knowledge.  His creativity grew best when he worked in his mother’s restaurant where he also acquired the taste and admiration for Ecuadorian cuisine. Now when on vacation, he still visits the restaurant to share his skills and knowledge and at times help supervise his father’s catering business where he is a partner.

Fabricio fell in love with the Galapagos when he arrived about four and half years ago.  He used to be sub chef at another Santa Cruz hotel, later moving on to become executive chef for three years.  Nevertheless, he always had a dream to own a restaurant of his own.  At the hand of his friend Fernando, they were able to undertake the new challege of Almar Restaurant. Together with their experience in restaurant management and gastronomy, they are eager to delight future guests.


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